Hello I’m Michela, and if you wish to be free of your karmic emotional baggage and live a more inspired, happier and fulfilling life then you’ve come to the right place!

You will be offered the satisfaction and thrill of going beyond your current limitations to realise more of your destined potential and true purpose in life.

Your path matters, and rest assured you have an important role to play in creating a better world, through your sphere of influence.

We will assist you to make a bigger difference to your life and others.

The mindset of emotional and spiritual intelligence is the key to happiness and success and is the focus of my holistic and effective leadership approach.

‘the best way to predict your future is to create it.’ Abraham Lincoln

Step towards less stress and more intuitive clarity and call me today on 0410 930 804 and book an initial consultation or you’re welcome to email me now

I specialise in a unique holistic approach to the emotions that works.

Whether the change your facing is invited and desired or unwanted and traumatic, I am here to help you fulfil more of your potential and utilise this change as a platform to become your best self and fulfil your highest destiny. 

And I truly care about you fulfilling your highest path. I care because your mission matters to me. As a leader with integrity, talent and heart you are vitally important to the world! A lot of people you care about are relying on you to make the right calls.

More importantly though, you have a right to truly love your life! 

Are you feeling drained or burdened by responsibilities, stress, stress related anxiety, depression, lack of self worth and/or past trauma and related issues?

There is no substitute for personal work with the individual attention and support of a mentor who has the expertise and your best interests at heart…

Please visit micheladaddario.com if you wish to know more about our Quantum Leadership Programs for Senior Business Leaders.

Often people consider workshops and group work to be enough for addressing core emotional issues, yet are then surprised to find the same issues cropping up again down the track. Group and workshop experiences can offer many wonderful opportunities for growth and awareness. They can also create dynamics that can be distracting.

For deeper inner work that will stand the test of time, especially if you have experienced anxiety or trauma, the most powerful, rapid and profound way to heal your emotions and connect with your intuitive self is in a safe, compassionate, confidential environment where you feel comfortable to lay aside the psychological armour of your ego.

I am finding more and more people are seeking the freedom of individual mentoring and healing so that emotional issues and your inner development can receive the attention that is deserved and so long standing issues can be truly and finally resolved.

My gift lies in my skilled insight combined with wise compassion, and a capacity to facilitate a healing and enlightening environment that encourages you to access your higher self and inner guidance quickly and profoundly. With me you experience total focused attention and support as you journey to heal the aspects of you that are holding you back.

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I’m looking forward to meeting you and offering you the opportunity to truly liberate yourself.

Being a transformation specialist I assist men and women in leadership roles on a broad range of issues and concerns.

Over the years it has become apparent that our emotions hold the key to unlocking and fulfilling our potential and that emotional self mastery is essential to life success.

Life doesn’t happen to you, you create your life through your choices, emotional responses and behaviour.

And yet this can be both liberating and daunting as it means taking full responsibility for the life you choose to live.

So much attention is placed on getting your thinking right, yet what if your emotions are suppressed or reactive?

You may be reluctant to look at your emotions because you fear suffering emotional pain or reaching out and then being labelled or judged.

Or you may have had a disappointing experience with a practitioner, therapist or coach so you’re cynical about professional help really being able to make a difference.

The stress related depression and anxiety I see in clients can result from years of pushing too hard coupled with a suppression of feelings or experiences, and is often contributing to physical health issues.

We often wait until we’re pushed to the wall before we face our true feelings and address our emotional baggage.

And it is at this point where we can experience the greatest breakthroughs.

The journey is so much easier and more enjoyable when you stop trying to do it all on your own and open yourself to support. It’s a sign of wisdom not weakness.

Just by calling me on 0410 930 804 you will be on your way to reclaiming your lost potential.

By eliminating your emotional ‘glass ceiling’ you can fly higher, personally and professionally, than you ever have before. This is the wonderful gift that comes from having the courage to face your feelings and resolve them.

Take for instance, Maggie*: a gorgeous talented business woman and mother who came to me because she wanted to try a different approach. Her emotions were getting in the way of her expressing her talents and pursuing new challenges in her business. Once we cleared the sadness and fear that was creating her glass ceiling, her vitality returned and she was well and truly on her way!

Or Brian*: a very successful entrepreneur whose reactive anger was threatening to destroy his marriage and his relationship with valued team members. Brian secretly felt a huge sense of responsibility for “keeping the ship afloat”. This coupled with an intense fear of failing, resulted in internal stress levels that kept him exploding verbally at the very people he cared so much about. Addressing his fears and introducing extreme self care enabled Brian to regain his clear head and the courage to delegate and trust his intuition again.

* names have been changed

We all collect emotional baggage. With appropriate and expert quantum emotional support, you can clear decades of baggage within hours, creating a real sense of liberation. And this method works with the root cause not just the symptoms.

My philosophy and approach is different and over the past thirty years, I’ve developed and refined a healing method called “Quantum Emotional Healing™” that has proven to be highly effective.

I consider the value of a healing and mentoring process to be reflected in the journey it creates for you and in the real and genuine results it achieves for you, your relationships  and your life.

The clients I assist are thrilled with the changes they create within themselves and in their lives. Could it be time for you try something new? Life is too short to be suffering unnecessarily. Call me now to find out how I can help you 0410 930 804

For five years Michela was based at the Mary Street Wellness Centre in Noosaville, on the Sunshine Coast, with a team of like minded health professionals, offering a diversity of high quality health care disciplines.

Michela assisted both adults and young people whilst at Mary St.

Barb, Michela’s practice manager, whilst based at Mary Street, shares her observations regarding Michela’s work with clients….

“I have worked at Mary Street Wellness for the past 5 years and would like to tell you about our Mindset Specialist, Michela D’Addario. This woman is like a breath of fresh air and you immediately feel calm in her company. It never ceases to amaze me the response I see in patients after seeing her. I have seen people come to her as their last hope and over a period of time see the light in their eyes return and like themselves again; people who have had huge traumas in their lives and after sessions with Michela have started to live again.

I am inspired everyday by this woman. My days are a pleasure seeing people return with their eyes and heart alive”

Michela assists clients locally, interstate and overseas, so you have the option of a number of life changing experiences: 

  • Telephone or Zoom consultations 

  • Half day and full day individual retreats

  • Healing holiday 121 weekend or week retreat in beautiful Noosa.

If you would like to book an initial free 30 minute clarity consultation please ring Michela directly on 0410 930 804 or email now

It is an opportunity to explore possibilities…

For more on Michela’s journey and background visit About Michela

“Working with Michela has been one of the most profound opportunities I have been given. She is a truly enlightening facilitator, who has inspirational skill and insight – moving me from feeling burdened and trapped, to feelings of increasing inner peace and personal freedom. This sense of freedom and self-empowerment is and will continue to be a blessing and a gift always.” PR

“With Michela’s work, deep seeded pain can be shifted and possibilities for new ways of being, open to us rapidly. This work is at the forefront of the human potential movement in Australia. I cannot recommend this work highly enough.” Lisa vanEgmond, Therapist and Counsellor”

****Please note along with the important opportunity for Michela to hear more about your story, a significant purpose of the initial consultation is to determine whether or not Michela’s approach will be successful for you and if yes, to decide together, what process will serve you best. Every process is tailored specifically to the needs of each client. 

There are 3 levels of Higher Self Awareness available to you:

Level 1: A Deep Dive Session

Here you have the opportunity to explore, heal and liberate a core issue or event that is contributing to stress, trauma, anxiety or a physical health issue; and to then integrate and strengthen your resilience and gain insightful awareness and clarity into your patterns and the way forward for real change and transformation. This is typically 3 hours in duration. 

Level 2: True North Mindset Leadership Program

Discover the happiness of knowing and living your purpose, emotionally free and aligned with clarity…

Here you have the opportunity to create your True North Vision and to map out the core emprints that are trapped in your psyche and buried in your body, blocking you from realising your vision and your destined potential.

Once the inner healing is done and you have reclaimed and integrated your potential and light, using a unique process created by Michela you create your road map for your optimal life and start living it! This process creates powerful positive change! And again it’s tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.

Contact Michela now to book an initial consultation

Level 3: The Chakra Power  Leadership Journey

Are you interested in furthering your spiritual growth in ways that are relevant and beneficial in the real world? Maybe you’ve done the emotional healing, personal work or coaching yet you are curious about your inner world and yearn to go deeper into your being and connect more with your spiritual and intuitive power? 

“Interestingly the very first clients to complete the Chakra Leadership Journey with me were entrepreneurs. Chakras are highly relevant to the business and corporate world and offer skills, insight and awareness that place a person in the best possible position for fulfilling success.” Michela

The Chakra Leadership Journey enables you to step into your spiritual destiny by healing and aligning your core spiritual power centres known as the Chakras, so this powerful spiritual energy within you can be harnessed to support your conscious intentions, goals and dreams. You also have the opportunity to clear past karmic patterns interfering with this life.

Chakra spiritual work is a different experience to the mindset coaching and mentoring process and can be a natural progression of emotional work or it can be the place from which you commence your spiritual evolution.  A healthy powerful mindset has a balance of emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing.

Michela was invited, as a Chakra expert, to contribute an article on the relevance of Chakras in the modern day to the expert site: Rescu.com.au 

Enjoy reading this fascinating post by Michela on Chakras

Effectively and dynamically expressing your life and soul purpose can only occur by paying attention to your higher wise mind and spiritual core self. Spiritual and emotional wellbeing are the keys to self mastery and success that truly is meaningful, joyful and abundant.

To be spiritually empowered and consciously aligned with your higher mind ensures that you express your full potential in life. If you feel there is more of you, that could be expressed in your life, relationships and business, and you are curious about how the Chakra Journey could change your life for the better, call Michela on 0410 930 804 or you can email now

Michela is an expert in helping people in the business and corporate world better align with their higher self, spiritual guides and destined path.

Here’s what Ananda has to say about her experience…


“I have been working with Michela over the past 12 months, and have experienced significant shifts in the way I see myself as well as access to insights that have had a profound impact on my work. The real turning point for these shifts was the Chakra Journey. I finally understood why I have always been impatient for change, trying to be somewhere I wasn’t and pushing to succeed but feeling blocked on so many levels. Michela guided me through the process with grace and wisdom. I now feel more aligned with my true passion which means I am present, doing the work I feel I am meant to and not striving to be someone else, somewhere else, something more. I can’t thank Michela enough – it has been an absolute blessing to work with her.” Ananda Mahony, Senior Lecturer – Nutritional Medicine and Naturopath & Skin Specialist. www.vitalenatural.com.au

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Look after your Relationship… The ‘Third Soul’ Program

Michela has helped many couples align with greater truth and harmony. 

Michela’s approach is different to traditional relationship counselling as she believes the greatest gift to a relationship is for each person to address their individual issues thereby freeing ‘the third soul’ to be healthy, harmonious and uncluttered with baggage from the past. Every relationship dynamic has a contribution from both partners and ultimately the solutions are located in the higher truth territory of the ‘points of agreement’ which each couple identifies with the help of Michela’s insightful facilitation.

True North for relationships as seen in the Sunshine Coast daily article about Michela and one of her lovely clients! Read more at Holistic Help Saves Couples and Third Soul relationship coaching

QEH Practitioner Certification Training…

Michela is the founder and teacher of the IICT accredited healing modality ‘Quantum Emotional Healing’ (QEH).

Are you interested in becoming an accredited Practitioner in Quantum Emotional Healing?

The IICT accredited Course delivers in-depth training in the skills and techniques required for using Quantum Emotional Healing in professional practice.

QEH is a soothing yet rapid and profoundly powerful process for healing the emotions and the emotional contribution to stress, anxiety, depressed vitality and other wellbeing and life issues.

For more information about our healing school please get in contact

Creative Evolution®  is the brainchild of Michela D’Addario. In the late nineties Michela came to realise that success alone is not enough. To truly be happy the journey needs to be fulfilling and meaningful also.

And so she designed a service, and created an effective healing method based on over 30 years experience, that assists clients, both adults and young people, to achieve fulfilling success and healing through their own unique and creative path of emotional evolution.

Creative Evolution® provides telephone consultations, face to face sessions, half day, one day and weekend personal retreats and healing holidays to local, interstate and international clients.

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit…

Energy cleansing your mind and body is essential if you wish to be more in tune with your inner wisdom and inner voice.

This Audio 3 CD Set does not require any experience with meditation. And in fact many people who have had difficulty with meditation have found our processes very easy and effective.

Read more

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