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After completing her BA in Psychology, Michela commenced her journey in the mid 80’s, assisting clients who were psychologically and emotionally distressed because of adult and childhood trauma. This gave her a solid grounding and expertise in working with a wide variety of issues and concerns. She witnessed first hand the effects of stress and trauma and the critical importance of self care and a holistic approach in addressing anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

At the age of 22, Michela also became one of the first Australian women to teach the psychological and physical aspects of women’s self defence and went on to successfully empower thousands of women and girls in the art of physical, emotional and spiritual assertion and confidence. Martial Arts led to a greater understanding of the powerful relationship between thoughts and chi energy and the importance of emotional mastery and expanded awareness.

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Michela continued to explore her interest in spirit and movement by completing a four year teaching Diploma in Dru Yoga. Her interest in the mind-body connection and it’s role in healing, resulted in her completing a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage. 

Creative Evolution Consultancies, established in early 2000, was one of the first services in Australia dedicated specifically to assisting people to create a life based on fulfilling success and life balance. Michela coined the term ‘Creative Life Planning’ and was told by numerous naysayers in the business world that ‘people would never be interested in such a service’. She trusted her intuition that said people were yearning for greater meaning and fulfilment in their lives. In late 2000 the phenomenon of Life Coaching, and an accompanying increased desire in people to live a better life, hit Australia in a big way and Michela was once again proven to be ahead of her time.

Michela is the founder of Quantum Emotional Healing™ (QEH). ‘Quantum Emotional Healing’ (QEH) is an IICT accredited modality that supports the rapid and profound healing of reactive and ‘charged emprints’ (past events and aspects of the psyche trapped in the emotional body), thereby freeing the client to emotionally heal and intuitively – spiritually evolve.

In 2013 Michela arrived at a heartfelt milestone in her life upon officially launched her healing and spiritual development school accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists(IICT). The School  of Quantum Healing offers the QEH Practitioner Master Course Certification, master classes and online courses. 

Quantum Emotional Healing ™ (QEH) Specialist

Michela has been described as a healer whose ‘heart has eyes’ and she facilitates deep and profound healings of the Soul. Every healer who achieves remarkable results has her divine allies. Michela utilises angelic quantum healing frequencies in her mind-body healing modality ‘Quantum Emotional Healing’ (QEH), with over 90% of her clients experiencing rapid and lasting healing results.

Our eyes are the windows to our Soul…Typically a client who arrives dull with emotional pain, leaves with sparkling eyes. Many issues are resolved at the root cause within hours of working with Michela. For those clients needing to work a little longer with Michela, the achievement of their healing goals is ‘not a matter of if, but when.’

Michela also continues to provide support to those rebuilding their life after significant trauma or loss. Her holistic and unique approach (QEH) to liberating the emotional unconscious mind and inner spiritual wisdom, has resulted in clients achieving outstanding outcomes, often far exceeding their expectations and the expectations of loved ones and referring services. Many clients seek Michela out, because of a desire to become more emotionally free and better empowered to create their destiny. A destined life being one that is more aligned with the True Self and free of constant struggle, suffering and conflict.

Michela believes it is our birthright to be happy and at peace within and is passionate about assisting people to find their wings as quickly as possible. Her approach is summed up by two of her favourite quotes, one from Gerard O. Grow: “The task of the best teacher is to balance the difficult juggling act of becoming vitally, vigorously, creatively, energetically, and inspiringly unnecessary”, and the other from Abraham Lincoln: “The best way to predict your future is to create it!”

Her personal healing and discovery journey has resulted in Michela crossing paths with mentors and healers who inspired her to commit to her emotional, spiritual and creative evolution. She has studied and practiced the Healing Tao, Chi Kung, Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, Goddess Spirituality, Angelic Healing, Astrology, Numerology, the Chakra System and Metaphysics.

Mindset Specialist and Master Facilitator

Having lived, breathed and slept work, Michela wanted to live a more balanced and fulfilling life – and her dream was to support others to do the same. “In the 90s I moved to London and rediscovered my creativity, passion for life and a completely new way of living… a holistic, dynamic and successful approach that forms the basis for Creative Evolution®.”

Michela recognises that Mindset is the key to happiness and success, and focuses on all levels of the Mind: Unconscious, Conscious and Spiritual and places it in the context of our energy field, and in particular our emotional body. An internationally certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach and Trainer (incl Ericksonian Hypnosis), Michela now brings over 30 years experience in successfully assisting clients to achieve emotional and mental freedom. Her expertise and unique combination of skills, reflects an extensive knowledge of the healing and creative power of the superconscious and higher self, chi (life force) energy and the mind-body connection. Through her modality Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH) she continues to deliver processes and insights that offer healing integrity, spiritual leadership and fulfilling success.

Michela has assisted clients from a broad range of professional backgrounds and industries: high profile Entrepreneurs, Practitioners and Therapists, Teachers, Fitness Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Herballists and Homeopaths, Body Therapists, Stylists, Designers, Architects, Builders, Electricians, Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners and Insurance Brokers, Managers and Project Managers, Military Personnel, Website Developers, Internet Marketers, Consultants, Lawyers, Photographers and Artists.

Departments and Commissions she has coached and/or trained include the British High Commission (coaching and training), Australian Electoral Commission (training), Australian Torres Strait Islander Commission (coaching and training), National Office of Veteran Affairs (coaching, psychotherapy services and training), Department of Veteran Affairs (training), Department of Foreign Affairs (individual coaching), Prime Minister and Cabinet (individual coaching and psychotherapy services) and the Department of Defence (individual coaching and psychotherapy services).

Workshops provided to Community Organisations have included Rape Crisis Centres, Women’s Refuges, Migrant Resource Centres, and Barnardos.

The passion and heartfelt commitment to assisting women and men is evident in her coaching, therapies and teaching. More than 15,000 people have benefited from Michela’s healing programs and workshops. As Michela says…’If you want a better life, change your mind and open your heart!’

BA (Psychology) – Australian National University, Dip TM, Dip DYT; Certificate IV Small Business Management. Memberships include: International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT), Career Development Association Australia (CDAA), Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), Women’s Network of Australia (WNA)

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Michela lives in the heart of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.  She treasures the close proximity of nature and the ocean and being part of the nature-loving Noosa community.

forest connection

For down time, Michela enjoys the national park, swimming in the Ocean, Yoga, dance, painting, riding her motorbike and quality time with friends. 


Michela is also an artist and author. She has enjoyed drawing and painting with respected art educator, author and award winning artist Cindy Wider, local Artist and Teacher Froyle Neideck of Froyle Art, and more recently is loving being a student of the gifted Visionary Artist and Teacher, Katia Honour of Visionary Art Atelier.



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Michela is currently writing a book about her healing methods and personal healing and spiritual journey. Michela has written for numerous magazines. Michela has been a contributing editor of Business Matters Magazine. Her featured articles include:

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The Art of Imperfection

Contact Michela now for an initial consultation for a better mind and a better life!

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Michela is a past President (2009-2010) of the BNI Chapter “Northern Lights”. During her time as President, and with her Leadership Team, the Northern Lights Chapter experienced many positive changes including: a significant growth in quality members, greater rapport and camaraderie, improved branding, and a doubling of the annual turnover of actual business dollars done between members. A foundation was created during this period of leadership that has seen Northern Lights continue to grow and firmly establish itself as one of the most powerful Chapters on the Sunshine Coast. Michela was a member of BNI Northern Lights from 2008 to June 2015.

The colourful painting of the sleeping goddess featured throughout our site is “Live Your Dreams” by Sofan Chan. Please visit her website www.theartofhappiness.net to learn more about the artist and her beautiful work.