Media Release – Being A Manager Can Be a Health Hazard


Sunshine Coast, QLD, 23rd February 2011 –  James Adonis, business blogger and management writer,  reported in the Brisbane Times, February 3rd 2011,  on an Australian study that revealed over 40 per cent of managers are suffering from distress, and twice as likely to exhibit mental health issues, than members of the general population.

Malcolm Dunn, a Director of the Australian Graduate School of Management, the school that conducted the study, told Adonis he wasn’t surprised by the results and that “in the legal profession it’s even worse”.

Adonis adds that according to Dunn “the GFC is not over and done with” and that it’s impact is still being felt emotionally with a much greater sense of pressure to financially perform and constant anxiety because of global volatility. Certainly it would appear our Managers are feeling more vulnerable and stressed.

Adding to that the more locally felt floods and cyclone crises we have experienced recently in Queensland, it seems now more than ever, emotional  and mental resilience is needed by our business and corporate managers.

So how can resilience be achieved? One way is to take a holistic approach to life and business success. Three local business people, specialists in their respective fields, have come together, under the banner of Mind Body Business, a Workshop Series being launched on the 4th of March, to address this very issue and shed light on why there is such a great need for an integrated approach to success.

According to the presenters of Mind Body Business – Michela D’Addario, Dave Liow and Geoff Butler – a holistic approach to mental, physical and business health is essential, because in essence you can’t have one without the others, and this is whether the context is a large company, a husband and wife team, or a sole trader. For instance:

Mind – Over  90% of errors in business are errors in perception and so to drive a successful business, that brings happiness, you need to be mindset fit to minimise distorted reactivity and stress driven decisions.

Body – You’re not going to be effective and fulfilled, unless you’re healthy and have the energy to drive towards your personal and business goals.

Business – To have optimal success you need to have an integrated approach to business improvement, which is also aligned with your personal goals and wellbeing.

The first MBB workshop for sunshine coast businesses and companies is being held on Friday the 4th March, at the Maroochy Surf Club, commencing at 8.30am and finishing with a networking lunch at 12.30pm. For more information and to register you can go to www.mindbodybusiness.com.au. Registrations close on Wednesday 2nd March.

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