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Please help Tara the Koala

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Help the Animal Survivors of Australia’s Devastating Floods…A Heartfelt Plea

I am personally aware of the huge efforts happening on a local level on the Sunshine Coast alone – local volunteers being inundated with orphaned and injured wildlife unable to care for themselves. Read More→

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A Process for Moving out of Distress and Overwhelm…

In recognition of the powerful emotions that can be felt during a disaster and great loss (though you can do this process in any context), I have outlined a healing process you can utilise for the range of feelings that can come up for us when distressed – overwhelm, anxiety, fear, panic, grief, rage, frustration, confusion, sadness, loneliness, pain, fatigue, mental fog, exhaustion… Read More→

Healing for yourself and others affected by the floods

As the floods continue to have a far reaching affect on so many I am conscious of the need to help… Read More→

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  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you know when your expectations are unrealistic and damaging to your success?
  • Are your relationships suffering from the burden of perfection?
  • Do you feel plagued by a sense of frustration and/or failure?

The perfectionist pattern is the hidden enemy of true success and happiness… Read More→

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How could subconscious wellbeing contribute to business success?

Actually it has lots to do with how well business leaders and their teams drive the company. Our driving skills are largely determined by the state and wellness of our subconscious. Lets explore this fascinating aspect of ourselves further… Read More→

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