Standing on Solid Ground Inside Ourselves


A Process for Moving out of Distress and Overwhelm…

In recognition of the powerful emotions that can be felt during a disaster and great loss (though you can do this process in any context), I have outlined a healing process you can utilise for the range of feelings that can come up for us when distressed – overwhelm, anxiety, fear, panic, grief, rage, frustration, confusion, sadness, loneliness, pain, fatigue, mental fog, exhaustion…

If you have only time for one phase do the grounding if nothing else! You can look after yourself. Just taking the time to read this will help to slow you down the internal whirring. As you read start to slow down your breathing a little. If you are with others you can take each other through the process. Rotate the role of facilitator. Please if you are in deep emotional distress reach out and get support. You are not alone. And if you are also in a care-giving volunteer role it is imperative you get help and support for yourself too when you can.

Please share this information with anyone you think may benefit. Healing Information is Personal Power.

Phase 1 Grounding

Grounding is essential. When we get distressed and highly reactive this means that we are no longer earthed. The first thing we need to do is get grounded. Grounding brings us back to the present moment, back to bodies, back to ourselves where we are most needed! Grounding brings us back to our power as it provides us with the ability to pro-actively respond. When we are ungrounded we are also more energetically vulnerable and unprotected. So grounding energetically protects us too and keeps our energy flowing. Get out of your head and into your body.

Connect with nature and mother earth. Nature calms us. So ideally if you can do this outside on the earth near a tree, or near a window where you can see nature that will help. Music with nature sounds will also help to soothe, esp if you are in a situation where you are no longer at home. Use your ipod to calm you! Take your shoes off, if you can. Grounding sounds like birds and forests are better than ocean sounds. Actually any water sounds might be far from relaxing at this time unless you’re in WA dealing with the fires!

Grounded Stance: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Knees slightly bent, and tail bone slightly tucked in. Engage Core. Lift and open chest by rotating shoulders up, back and down, and allow your arms to sit loosely by your side. Imagine being suspended by a cord of light, with light between each vertebrae stretching and elongating the spine, tuck chin in slightly and sigh a few times and settle into the grounded stance. Focus your attention on the soles of your feet and feel them connecting with the ground. Imagine a triangle on the base of your feet – two points under the ball and one point on the heel. Place weight evenly over whole of both feet. Ask your feet to ground with the earth. Your energy will follow your awareness. This is a basic principle of martial arts and yoga.

Breath deeply from your belly. Place your hands on your belly and feel it going in and out. Breathing calms us down because it gives feedback to our body and mind that we are still alive and kicking! Shallow breathing not only starves us of oxygen, it makes us anxious and gives the body the message we are in survival mode.

Take your awareness now to your perineum, a powerful grounding energy point between your sexual organs and your anus. Imagine a stream of red light travelling from this point down through your legs, through your feet deep down into the earth connecting with the light of mother earth and creating roots. Yes she has her own light too and she does love you despite whatever may be happening on her surface! It is important that you don’t just take the chord straight from this point down into the earth bypassing the legs. Grounding is much more powerful when taken right through the legs into the earth.

Keep breathing gently and slowly with what I call Equilibrium breathing: Lengthening the in breath and the out breath so you are breathing in and out in equal phases.

Feel golden light travelling back up from the earth through your roots, through the soles of your feet up through your legs to the base of your spine and up through your body and out the crown of your head.

Phase 2 Protection

It is paramount given the distress that will be around you in others that you energetically protect yourself. Otherwise you will end up being other people’s energetic punching bag and this will greatly contribute to you feeling battered and overwhelmed. Also do a quick grounding and protection anytime you feel like you are “copping it” from others or you are around or about to go into a dangerous situation.

Now feel the golden light flowing from the crown of your head through and over your body down through the earth again sealing your energy field. Mother Earth’s light is gold and gold is best for protecting the body.

Now it’s time to bring in the white light.  Imagine a white dome of sparkling light over the crown of your head like a cap and feel it encircling you in a ball of sparkling white light. Now imagine sparkling gold light encircling the white light.  If your body is sealed with gold then the white light will not deplete your energy and the golden light on the outside of the white ensures you will not attract any unwanted energies.

Imagine warm soothing sparkling sunlight pouring down through the crown of your head filling you with vitality – radiant and strong.

It feels wonderful and your whole being will feel more relaxed now that it senses it is energetically protected.

Phase 3 Releasing

Now it is time to release all the energetic gunk and crap you may have collected through the day. At the start you may need to do releasing more than once a day. The more you do SOSGIO, the more natural it will feel and eventually doing it daily will become second nature.

Take your awareness to the soles of your feet and imagine and feel all the gunk-fatigue-overwhelm-anger- fear-distress  being sucked out of your feet and being dropped down into the molten core of the earth. Keep breathing and letting go as you let the Earth take all the toxic stagnant energy from you. LET IT GO. You may get emotional at this stage. You may cry or want to rage. Let it out. It’s ok. Powerful emotions are natural responses to a disaster. Alternatively you may just feel calmer and lighter as the accumulated stagnant energy is released.

If you need to get on with the day then this is the time to do it. Reconnect with your ball of light and filling your being with sunlight. You can do a standing version of the comforting phase below. Invite Archangel Metatron into your ball of light and ask him to protect you wih his wings of light. Feel him sourrounding you and protecting you. Give thanks.

If you are at a point where you can allow yourself a resting phase or you are still feeling vulnerable then it’s time for some emotional comfort with the angels….

Phase 4 Comforting

Having filled your body with healing golden light and sealed your energy field with sparkling white light it is time to invite the angels in.

Sit down or lie somewhere comfortable. Place a cover over you even if it’s just a jacket. Ideally place some comforting music on. The Mp3 download discussed in the previous healing blog is lovely to accompany you. Otherwise the Cd “Journey to the Angels” is wonderful www.llewellynmusic.com , classical music like Mozart or nature music.

Again link energetically with the earth. Feel the light encircling your body in a ball. Now call on Archangel Metatron. He is considered to be the most powerful Angel available to us and his energy is in my experience extremely powerful ( he is here for the children too and this process can bring them great comfort). Call him by name into your ball of light and ask him for comfort and healing. Imagine him wrapping you in his beautiful angels wings of light and feel his light and love pouring into your being, into your heart, bringing comfort and peace. Let yourself go and sink into this light. Thank him for his presence.

Phase 5 Rest.

If you feel more acquainted with other Archangels such as Michael or Raphael then please call on them. Archangel Ariel is an angel I also call on to help protect and heal the animals. She is linked with the lions and has a strong lioness energy about her.

Opening to healing from the Angels can be a very new experience that our rational ego mind can have trouble with. So many of my business clients have initially baulked at the idea of angels but once having done an angel healing with me they have been amazed at the beauty and power of the experience. So please put aside your rational cynicism and give it a try – what have you got to lose? And you open yourself to the possibility of so much gain.

SOSGIO Summary:

Phase 1 Grounding: Connect with light in Earth through feet from perenium, equilibrium breathing, bring golden light back up through your body and out the crown of head.

Phase 2 Protection: Take golden light back down through and over your body sealing it. Place white dome of light over your head and create  white ball of light sealing your energy field. Encircle this light in gold light for additonal protection.

Phase 3 Releasing: Take awareness to souls of feet and imagine all stagnant energy being sucked out of your body and being taken into molten core of earth and dissolved.

Phase 4 Comforting: Grounded and with protective ball of sparkling light around you, call Archangel Metatron into your ball of light and imagine him surrounding you in his wings of light, sink into his lightand feel it flowing through your heart and soul.

Phase 5 Rest

I sincerely hope this process of standing more solidly within yourself helps! If you need energy healing at this time I will be offering distance healing sessions for free over the next few weeks for those affected by the floods. Please just email me your name and a brief few words about what’s going on. I will then send you healing energy.

Love and Light ))))))*((((((


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This process is informed by a great deal of professional and personal life experience. Michela F. D’addario has over 25 years practitioner experience in the field of healing and trauma. She was also a martial arts teacher for women for many years, which is where she first created SOSGIO.  Michela is a trained yoga teacher, therapist, angelic healer and coach. She has assisted over 15,000 people with healing and empowerment.

The material contained in this blog is not intended as a substitute for professional emotional support and advice. If you are in deep emotional or psychological distress please consult a qualified health practitioner. No responsibility will be assumed for your actions.

© 2011 The copyright on this information is owned by Michela F. D’addario. All rights reserved. The owner of this copyright has hereunder licensed the material for non-commercial private healing use only and prohibits any other use, copying or reproduction in whole or in part without her prior written permission.



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WOW.. this works! It’s awesome… 😉
I was rushing to an appointment(photoshoot) this morning…Then with a few errands around town, bank, mall etc… I soon started to feel exhausted by the shopping masses and so many different energies. I felt vulnerable and weak… When I got home, had some water and I went through Michela’s grounding process. I was amazed. Almost instantly I regained my usual strength, power and vitality. I’m gonna do it every day and I will put a little sticker on my steering wheel to remind me to protect myself when I go to public places.
Thanks a lot, Michela.