Chakra Journey

Go Goddess…

Shining brightly for a better life and a better world involves understanding your inner light and how to enhance the light of your soul and spirit. The Chakra Ascension Journey is ultimately a path committed to enhancing the light in yourself and in turn sharing that light with the world. Our light is a gift to ourselves and to others so why wouldn’t we want our guiding inner light to be as powerful as it can be?

Step into your spiritual destiny by healing and aligning your core spiritual power centres known as the Chakras.

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Chakra spiritual work is different to coaching and can be a natural progression of mindset work or it can be the place from which you commence your spiritual evolution. Effectively and dynamically expressing your life and soul purpose cannot occur without paying attention to your spiritual anatomy. “The Chakras are the central energetic core of our existence ” Caroline Arewa.

Personal power in creativity, relationships, work and life comes ultimately from accessing and aligning our spiritual power. To not be engaged consciously with your chakras is like travelling through life disconnected from your Higher Self – the Super Conscious Self – your Guiding Light.

We utilise our knowledge of the Chakra System to assist our personal growth, healing and spiritual development. Chakras are like our own internal celestial light bodies all with particular functions and qualities guiding and supporting us in life. Journeying through and knowing our Chakras means growing in awareness and skill, so that our internal energetic path can be realised to it’s full potential. Linking you up with your greatest and wisest light within.

Chakras do not operate in isolation of themselves and impact on our energetic, psychological and physical wellbeing. Our life force is expressed through our Chakras in a spiral of empowerment or disempowerment. The healing and aligning process ensures you are spiralling upwards in the light of empowerment.

There are many levels at which one can work with Chakras. My approach does not involve balancing your chakras with you being a passive recipient. Rather my role is to create the appropriate healing and sacred energetic environment so that you can go through the doorway of each of your 8 light centres. It is an empowering process where you discover and understand the different levels of your higher spiritual self and are provided with the tools to work with your Chakras and facilitate inner growth and outer progress. You become ultimately your own teacher in discovering all your answers truly are within you. I am passionate about facilitating this connection as I believe we give away too much power to others, often failing to recognise there is a wise self just waiting to be connected with, seen and heard. It is a beautiful and profound process. The Chakra Ascension Journey involves 8 healing consultations; each session devoted to discovering a Chakra and becoming better acquainted with your amazing inner world of light and who you truly are.

With your new found levels of inner knowing and clarity, you are well equipped to better navigate life’s challenges and business choice points.

Here is what Roz had to say…

“I am in total awe of the power and joy this awareness has brought to my life and will be forever grateful. I am not a scientist or have any knowledge of medical issues, all I can say is that I know the unseen part of me is many times greater than the seen and while it may not be possible to measure the spirit in medical terms, in human terms it must be allowed to grow for the world to be a better place for all. Every life deserves to be lived in beauty, even with the challenges.”

Roz, Financial Planner