Experience the benefits of subconscious wellbeing and it’s contribution to inner beauty and happiness. Greater inner peace and contentment, emotional vitality, self acceptance and self love heals the soul and allows an even more gorgeous you to shine through!

Creative Evolution has designed ‘gorgeous’, an unique and innovative consultation program that explores the powerful relationship between wellbeing, spirituality, inner beauty and happiness. A program to benefit you, your relationships and your life. Work life balance, Self Care, Self Love, Healthy Boundaries, Self Awareness and Discovery…

What’s unique about gorgeous is that it is an approach that recognises happiness is a personal thing. There is no one recipe or picture that suits everyone. It has to do with being true to your self. Gorgeous is about not ending up stressed out, frazzled and cynical. And to avoid this you need to know who the true you is. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find! Call Michela now to discover how gorgeous you can be!

No preaching…

Gorgeous doesn’t preach about the do’s and don’ts of life. What it does do is offer the tools for increasing awareness about the kind of choices that generate positive consequences and shows the powerful relationship between the mind, happiness and wellbeing. Going gorgeous is about finding the right balance to feel fulfilled, happy, vital and productive.

The mind can be an incredibly positive force in our lives or it can be very destructive generating stress, poor health, relationship conflict and unhappiness. The key is to understand, listen to and build a positive and powerful relationship with your Higher Mind. Not sure what your higher mind is? Well if you don’t know what it is or how to utilise it then you are missing out on the most powerful aspect of your Mindset. To experience fulfilling success this is essential knowledge.

With Gorgeous, Michela shares the insights and knowledge of over 21 years experience as a practitioner and teacher.  Information and skills that have helped thousands of women change their lives for the better and quickly! Her strategies work.

And she’s not here to give you the answers. Her passion lies in empoweing you and your relationship with your Mind to listen and act on the answers already within you.

Let’s face it, successful women don’t do self care as well as we could…

Gorgeous is for successful women: high functioners juggling the important aspects of their personal and professional lives. Successful women are often not good at self care. In fact Michela has found this is the one area of our life we can be hopeless at!  Michela has had the personal experience of living with this blind spot and seeing also the consequences for women who have done the same.

Self Care is a Key…

Self care is a key to work life balance,  fulfilment and wellness and Michela shows women how, through her own personal and professional discoveries.

Fundamentally the Very Fast Train of Perfect Success comes at a huge cost. Gorgeous is about painting a picture of a holistic life of excellence and balance and then learning how to live it.

A Gorgeous Mind ensures you stay successfully and happily in the driver’s seat of your life!

No matter how much we want positive change in our lives, sometimes the reality of it can be a little frightening. It means accepting that some aspect of our life is not working as well as it could be and that can be disappointing or threatening to accept. Why is that we don’t do what we know is good for us? The answer lies within your subconscious. Self Care is ofetn overlooked by successful women because we lack self love and self acceptance. We drive ourselves mercilessly because of one core limiting negative belief: “I am not good enough”

Go Gorgeous consultations create a safe, confidential and empowering environment where you can gain awareness and discover that we all have areas of concern in our lives and that doesn’t mean you have failed. It simply shows you where there is a weakness in your Mindset. The area of concern ironically often becomes the greatest triumph in your life! A mistake only becomes a failure when we fail to gain the positive learning on offer.

Enjoy the experience of overcoming your internal obstacles and releasing the emotional baggage you have collected through life, thereby strengthening your Mindset for happiness and success. By liberating your self, you liberate others in your world. It trully is a win-win.

Say Goodbye to Superwoman…

There is a mistaken perception amongst many successful women that self care reflects weakness and is boring and puritanical. Let alone impossible to do in a time poor life. And yet high functioners then wonder why with their great job, they don’t have the relationship they want in their life; or why they’re always tired, or feeling depressed or unhappy. Or finding that the great family, career or business isn’t enough or is too much.

Will the real Ms Gorgeous please stand up!

Going Gorgeous is about ditching the superwoman cape along with the high stress and associated negative coping strategies and finding a balance by discovering what one’s true needs and wants are. Words like should, can’t, must, have to, are the language of unhappiness, imbalance and depression.

Do you know what truly makes you genuinely happy?

Do you know what your core needs are and how to create work life balance so you can meet them?

Would you like to get to know the ‘gorgeous you’ better?

Are you aware of the absolute beauty of your true self?

It’s time to give your Self permission to SHINE!

Go Gorgeous, Go Goddess

Shining brightly for a better life and a better world involves understanding your inner light and how to increase the light in your soul and spirit. The gorgeous path is ultimately a path committed to enhancing the light in yourself and in turn giving that light out to the world. Our light is a gift to ourselves and to others so why wouldn’t we want our guiding inner light to be as powerful as it can be?

Step into your spiritual destiny by healing and aligning your core spiritual power centres known as the Chakras – the source of your soul and spirit light.

Chakra spiritual work is very different to coaching  and can be a natural progression of subconscious work or it can be the place from which you commence your spiritual evolution towards greater light. Effectively and dynamically expressing your life and soul purpose cannot occur without paying attention to your spiritual anatomy. “The Chakras are the central energetic core of our existence ” Caroline Arewa. Personal power in creativity, relationships, work and life comes ultimately  from accessing and aligning our spiritual power. To not be engaged consciously with your chakras is like travelling through life disconnected from your Higher Self – the Super Conscious Self – your Guiding Light.

We utilise our knowledge of the Chakra System to assist our personal growth, healing and spiritual development. Chakras are like our own internal celestial light bodies all with particular functions and qualities guiding and supporting us in life. Journeying through and knowing our Chakras means growing in Chakra awareness and skill, so that our internal energetic path can be realised to it’s full potential. Linking you up with your greatest and wisest light within.

Chakras do not operate in isolation of themselves and impact on our energetic, psychological and physical wellbeing. Our life force is expressed through our Chakras in a spiral of empowerment or disempowerment. The healing and aligning process ensures you are spiralling upwards in the light of empowerment.

There are  many levels at which one can work with Chakras. My approach does not involve balancing your chakras with you being a passive recipient. Rather my role is to create the appropriate healing and sacred energetic environment so that you can go through the doorway of each of your 8 light centres. It is an empowering process where you discover and understand the different levels of your higher spiritual self and are provided with the tools to work with your Chakras and facilitate inner growth and outer progress. You become ultimately your own teacher in discovering all your answers truly are within you. I am passionate about facilitating this connection as I believe we give away too much power to others, often failing to recognise there is a wise self just waiting to be connected with, seen and heard. It is a beautiful and profound process that leaves you permanently and positively altered. The process involves 8 healing consultations; each session devoted to meeting a Chakra and becoming better acquainted with your amazing inner world of light.

I engage very much with the angelic realms in my spiritual work. I have also trained as an ‘Angel Intuitive’ with world renowned psychotherapist and metaphysician Doreen Virtue, Phd.