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Mindset Success…If you want a better life…change your mind!

Why do we specialise in addressing Mindset? Because Mindset is the THE key to Success and Happiness. And we focus both on the psychology of mindset and the energy of mindset which is why such quantum leaps are possible.

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Mindset is a reflection of your beliefs, emotions, values, memories and attitudes and so improving your mindset does indeed improve your wellbeing, relationships and your life.

Yet changing your mindset is so much more than just changing your thinking. Your mindset is in fact your inner world. And for optimal and sustained success you need to be working with a holistic practitioner skilled in the healing arts of the emotional realm as well as mindset coaching.

Michela recognises that the mind has many layers that also powerfully link in with our body, energy and emotions. And with a focus on mindset over the past three decades, she has developed a modality “Quantum Emotional Healing” (QEH) where healing has specific goals and is based very much in the real world and real world concerns.

Michela has taken the best of quantum healing and mindset coaching to provide a unique and highly effective way of getting to the root cause of your emotional issues and baggage and empowering you to rapidly move forward. All of Michela’s work with clients is supported by powerful quantum healing frequencies.

Your mindset becomes the focus for positive change and healing and on clearing the perceived obstacles and subconscious inner blocks to your progress, enhancing your creative intelligence and your relationship with your higher wise heart mind and body. Empowering you to achieve the results you want in your life.This is the case whether your goal is greater vitality and happiness, feeling more fulfilled or improving your business success.

Michela considers any perceived obstacle or issue is an opportunity to get creatively resourceful and dissolve limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. She sees harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, understanding the mind-body connection, enhancing creative intelligence and aligning with the higher self and the divine, as the essential keys to fulfilling success.

Our emotional mind is a contributing factor in all areas of our life and so no matter what the issue you’re dealing with, that’s where we need to begin. It is the subconscious emotional mind-body contribution that is often ignored in traditional approaches and it is also often therefore the reason why you do not see progress when you seem to be doing everything you can. With Michela you will discover the powerful emotional subconscious contribution to your area of concern and you will resolve it, freeing up more vitality and energy to create the life you are destined to experience.

Life is way too short for you to be unnecessarily suffering or to be operating at a level less than your optimal. Make the decision today to make a change for the better!

Initial Consultation

If you are interested in what Creative Evolution offers,  please book an initial consultation with Michela at Mary Street Wellness Centre, Noosaville 07 5449 79 58. The initial consultation fee is $100.00

This can be done face to face or as a telephone consult. Here Michela hears more of your story and shares in more detail her approach and through this discussion will determine with you what would be the best way forward for you. You will also be asked to fill out some diagnostic tools. This is a no obligation consultation and provides an opportunity to discover just how Michela can assist you.

Michela has the utmost integrity and will only work with you if she is sure her service will be successful for you. The initial consultation enables her to determine this and if she does not consider her service suitable for you she will offer alternative referrals.

Once the initial consultation is completed you will have the option of either a quantum emotional healing session, a true north personal workshop, a Go Gorgeous mindset leadership program or a True North mindset healing and development program.

Seek Excellence not Perfection…

Creative Evolution recognises that the pattern of perfectionism is the hidden enemy of true happiness. Perfectionism creates a life that is out of balance, generating unrealistic expectations that are damaging to personal and professional success. A focus on getting it right becomes a recipe for getting it wrong when it damages wellbeing, self worth, relationships and/or professional success. Again Self Mastery is the key. Have the emotional courage to face your demons and discover the liberating experience of true self esteem that is not based on controlling and judging others and relying on external markers of achievement. The irony is healthy self esteem allows us to live a life where we are truly success-full not an unaware success-fool!

At Creative Evolution we are not interested in labelling and treating symptoms. Our focus is on addressing the root cause rapidly and effectively. Every person on this planet has baggage of one kind or another and we are here to assist you to creatively evolve beyond what is emotionally and mentally holding you back from your full potential.
Embracing imperfection is the path to greater awareness, wisdom, compassion and ultimately genuine happiness.


Quantum Emotional Healing sessions

Some issues can be addressed in one or two intensive healing sessions.

True North Personal Workshop

Here you have the opportunity to work with Michela as she facilitates you in a personal workshop identifying what your “True North” is  – your authentic life path – whether the context be the direction of your relationship or your life. You are running blind if you operate in life without awareness of what your personal true north is. Give yourself the best chance of fulfilment and success by allowing your True North to become your guiding light enabling you to effectively navigate the crossroads or challenges you will inevitably meet in life.

If you wish to, you can then move onto discovering and enhancing your complete mindset map through a variety of mindset development programs offered by Creative Evolution…

Individual 10 hour Mindset and Healing Courses

Most people require the 10 hour process to clear the core subconscious EMprints potentially interfering and blocking optimal wellbeing and success. Whilst Michela does offer mindset programs that cover core strategies and processes, each client’s program is ultimately tailored to their specific needs. We all have greater potential we could be experiencing and yet often can settle on a less than satisfactory state of being because we don’t see what else is possible. Working with Michela will open your eyes to the incredible possibilities lying dormant within you. Every day Michela witnesses miracles in clients’ lives. Miracles are essentially spontaneous changes in our inner and outer worlds. As Michela says ‘Miracles are happening everyday. Why can’t you be one too. Of course you can!”

To make a booking please ring  Michela’s practice manager Barb at Mary Street Wellness Centre during business hours on 07 5449 79 58 or if you wish to contact Michela personally please ring 0410 930 804.

Our approach to coaching has a therapeutic and healing emphasis but with a focus on achieving genuine results and change in your life. It’s not about ‘expensive chats’ or ‘interesting healing sessions’ that do not translate into actual transformation in your life. And we only work with clients, who are genuinely interested in healing and evolving, and who we believe we can truly help.

The coaching processes provided by Creative Evolution inevitably involve subconscious and quantum emotional healing of the aspects of you that are not aligned with your conscious intentions, goals and dreams. If you are doing coaching with Michela you will also experience the powerful benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Contact Michela now to book an initial consultation for a better mind and a better life!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the theoretical and strategic model for achieving accelerated change and optimal results.

NLP originated as a model of communication and evolved into a framework for achieving excellence in all aspects of life, having proven its success across a variety of contexts, whether it be sales, business management, training, personal relationships or wellbeing. NLP is a map of the world, a way of seeing that is, grounded in an empowered reality.

It is based on how people actually think and behave effectively. It draws on many modalities and approaches including psychotherapy, hypnosis, visualisation, cognitive psychology, timeline therapy, neurological re-patterning and Buddhist mind training techniques.

This framework is essentially a tool kit for the mind: a collection of cutting edge techniques for clearing the internal obstacles stifling your progress and unleashing your full potential… to get the results you want in your life:  greater emotional freedom, empowering beliefs, inspired creativity, fulfilling relationships and rewarding professional achievements.

The tools of NLP are based on strategies with a proven track record, so they deliver results. The focus is always on present and future success. And addressing the past is only ever done in the context of improving one’s current and future experience. It is effective, highly time efficient and innovative.

NLP enables you to

Gain control and be in the driver’s seat of your life

Get positively motivated towards what you want

Release unwanted emotions and behaviours from the past

Release limiting beliefs or decisions that are holding you back

Map out your future directions for fulfilling personal and professional success

Strategically vision goals to accelerate desired change

Make ecological and holistic choices now, that you can live with in the future

Self Development is the Key to Fulfilling Success…

Life success depends on many factors. One key factor is personal development and self education. The underlying assumption of personal work is that, with greater self awareness, new information and appropriate support, a person can expand the boundaries of what is possible and realise much more of their potential.

Our subconscious plays a big part in change. Understanding and clearing beliefs and patterns that do not serve us, can dissolve the obstacles of fear and self doubt, and allow us to embrace a life that is more interesting, stimulating and productive.

Self awareness promotes success as it enables us to identify our true needs, align our goals with these needs and utilise techniques to ensure we stay on the path of positive change.

Creative Learning allows us to share different aspects of ourselves, discover new abilities, strengthen our confidence, enhance our relationships and keep the creative flame alive in our life.

As Artists Robert Bissett and Nikki Giovanni say ‘A painting is a series of mistakes and it is the response to the error that counts.’


Subconscious Wellbeing makes a massive contribution to success in life. (Please see my blog – Subconscious wellbeing = Success for more information). We’d never dream of not ever servicing our vehicle, yet we go through life thinking that we can get away with ignoring the subconscious filters of our psyche. Life creates subconscious baggage for every person on this planet and it undermines our ability to deliver our best to the world – to our loved ones, our dreams and ourselves. It’s a sign of wisdom not weakness to recognise you need to ditch the unhelpful baggage holding you back from expressing your truest and most evolved Self. The ultimate destination is subconscious wellbeing that generates life success and fulfilment!

And addressing your subconscious emotional wellbeing often leads to a desire to improve your spiritual wellness. Creative Evolution assists you to step into your spiritual destiny by healing and aligning your core spiritual power centres known as the Chakras. A healthy powerful mindset has a balance of subconscious as well as spiritual wellbeing. Effectively and dynamically expressing your life and soul purpose cannot occur without paying attention to your spiritual higher mind.

Chakras do not operate in isolation of themselves and impact on our energetic, psychological and physical wellbeing. Our life force is expressed through our Chakras in a spiral of empowerment or disempowerment. To be spiritually empowered and consciously aligned with your higher mind ensures that you express your potential in life.

Yet it’s not all inner work! To realise the external benefits of your internal changes and healing, with Creative Evolution you will experience a ‘strategic mindset mapping for success’ process that clearly identifies your goals and maps the specific path for your personal and professional evolution.

At creativeevolution consultancies we truly listen to what it is you want and are committed to ensuring the process of evolution is as interesting and dynamic as possible.

Therapeutic Services offered include:

Quantum Emotional Healing

Mindset Coaching for Life and Business

Life Transitions and Trauma Recovery

Relationship and Communication Coaching

Face to Face Consultations

You are welcome to email or phone us to arrange an initial consultation for face to face coaching or quantum emotional healing consultations. If you wish to contact Michela directly please ring 0410 930 804 within Australia or +61 410 930 804 for international enquiries.

Telephone Coaching and e-mentoring

Creative Evolution works with clients Australia wide and internationally. If you would like to experience the power and value of our coaching and healing consultations then please email us for further details at michela@creativeevolution.com.au or go to our contact page. Sessions can be held with video Skype also.

Coaching Retreats and Healing Holidays

We warmly extend an invitation to visit us here in beautiful Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Noosa is a powerful healing place and I am excited to offer you the opportunity to experience healing and visioning retreats with me personally.

Retreats vary from 1 to 10 days and are tailored to your particular needs. They offer an environment that can facilitate deep and rapid shifts in healing and awareness.

You can experience it by yourself, or book in with a friend(s) or your partner.

Please email us for further information at michela@creativeevolution.com.au

For the Individual

A program may include quantum emotional healing sessions, mindset coaching, yoga on the beach, the psychology of nutrition and healthy eating, cleansing for wellness, visioning your personal and/or professional ‘true north’; life purpose and inspired life transitions; chakra alignment and energy healing as well as personal time for ocean swims, walks in the national parks or hinterland, dining out, reflection time…the choice is yours.

Relationship Healing Holidays

Often a relationship just needs some quality attention to bring it back to life! Couple retreats offer you the opportunity to establish successful boundaries and foundations for a new relationship or to reinvent and heal a troubled or stuck long-term relationship. If you are truly committed to healing a troubled relationship, come up to Noosa for a rejuvenating time. Find the romance and love again with candlelit dinners for two, productive and dynamic coaching sessions, reflection and relaxation time, sunshine, ocean, nature and fun. Your relationship deserves some genuine quality time and if it is in trouble it needs to be at the top of your priority list. Doing so means your troubles can turn into productive growth, healing insights and ultimately greater closeness.

Please see ‘third soul’ relationship coaching for further information about our relationship coaching approach and testimonials about how couples have benefited from Creative Evolution’s support.

Retreats and Healing Holidays can be supported by telephone coaching and e-mentoring.

Contact Michela now to book an initial consultation for a better mind and a better relationship!

We are your mindset and relationship specialists