Please help Tara the Koala


Help the Animal Survivors of Australia’s Devastating Floods…A Heartfelt Plea

I am personally aware of the huge efforts happening on a local level on the Sunshine Coast alone – local volunteers being inundated with orphaned and injured wildlife unable to care for themselves. Animal Rescuers and Carers throughout Queensland are in desperate need of additional resources to cope with so many of our animals hurt in our floods – orphaned and injured these beautiful creatures are totally dependent on our goodwill and love. They need us! Please read the letter below and share the links with your networks and if you are residing in Queensland consider contacting your local animal welfare centre to see how you can help our dear little friends like Tara, on the ground. Thankyou for caring. Mx

A letter from the CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW – Saving Animals in Crisis around the World…

Dear Friend,

Please help now Tara the Koala
 Tara the koala was injured and starving when found. She was lucky to be rescued, but many more animals still need us.
It was like she was waiting to be rescued.

When IFAW’s Rescue Team pulled up, the koala didn’t flinch from her roadside perch. Instead, she stayed there, and even let them pick her up.

IFAW’s veterinarian, Dr. Howard Ralph, found she was suffering from malnutrition, an injured wrist, and possible vision problems.

“She’s a dear old girl,” said IFAW rescuer Tania Duratovic, who named her “Tara” after the Tibetan deity of compassion and long life.

Tara is now recovering, and this special koala is among a growing list of animals the IFAW Rescue Team has already treated in the wake of Queensland’s devastating floods.

But our work in Queensland is far from over. Calls continue to come into the team as local residents find injured wildlife and the area’s wildlife caregivers ask for our assistance.

Please help us care for Tara and the other animal survivors by making a special emergency donation today.

Your gift will help our team continue to rescue and care for the animal survivors of this terrible flooding, and help us ease the suffering of so many animals in our lifesaving projects.

So far, the team has treated a wide range of Australia’s wildlife:

  • Two Wedgetailed eagles, one with a head injury and the other suffering from starvation;
  • Five Long-nosed Bandicoot joeys (babies) rescued from their dead mother’s pouch;
  • Two joey wallabies very lucky to have washed up at the door of a wildlife rescue center IFAW’s team visited;
  • And many varied species such as an echidna, a kite, a kestrel, two possums, a whispering peacock chick, a bearded dragon (lizard), a kookaburra, two tawny frogmouth birds, and others.

With your help, IFAW’s team will be able to continue their vital work to rescue and care for Australian’s diverse wildlife, and give suffering animals the critical care they so desperately need.

Please give now.


In emergencies like this, your support can make the difference between life and death for these injured and imperiled animals.

Thank you,

Fred O'Regan Signature
Fred O’Regan

p.s. The local residents care so deeply for their area’s wildlife, but they simply don’t have the means to treat the animals. So they call us. And now I call on you – please help us save animals in crisis. You CAN make a lifesaving difference.

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