Enhance the energy and positivity of your event by inviting Michela to speak on the beauty and power of our Mindset and the key role it plays in realising our destiny. Experience the inspiring energy of Michela’s presentations and workshops as she utilises her words and energy to assist you to connect more with your own magnificence and the joy of being you.

And most of all you’ll have lots of fun as she always offers experiences not lectures!

On March 15th Michela is the keynote speaker for the AVAC event in Brisbane. Her presentation is “Mindset is the Key to your Destiny.” In this presentation your perception of mindset will be changed forever as Michela shares the psychology and energy of mindset and demonstrates how it is so much more than just our thinking.

Michela has in the past been invited to share the stage with Dr Sandra Cabot at the Australian National University where she shared her approach to overcoming depression and anxiety to more that 350 attendees. Her presentation was so successful she was swamped with people after her talk wanting to attend further workshops or to book in to see her for a personal consultation, including her practitioner colleagues.

Michela has spoken at events and facilitated workshop presentations for the Australian Electoral Commission, National Office of Veteran Affairs, ATSIC, British High Commission, ADFA, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Jigsaw Theatre Company, UCAN, Women’s Self Defence School, SCBWN, McColm Matsinger Lawyers, Mind Body Business, BNI, University of the Sunshine Coast, The School of Angels, Migrant Resource Centres, SAAP Services, Barnardos, Dr Sandra Cabot, Go Gorgeous at The Langham Melbourne, Christopher Howard NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner  and Train the Trainer Events.

Some comments from participants of Michela’s presentations and workshops:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session and the exercises are great. Like her style, low key but enthusiastic. Whatever she’s on can I have some?”

“Michela conducted the workshop with charm, warmth and a knowledge that inspired confidence”

“Highly enjoyable and useful…would thoroughly recommend her to others”

“Michela was a true professional – multi skilled in the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the human being”

“I heard this was fantastic…was unable to go…I’d love this to be run again”

“Feedback from staff was excellent and your session was one of the most popular and most spoken about events of the week. We gave you short notice but you came through with a fabulous presentation.”

“Michela had a relaxed, energetic and inspiring presence.”

“This course has really made me stand back and look at my life and re-assess what is important for me. I feel a greater sense of balance. Every area of my life feels like it is improving.”

Please contact Michela by email, or ring 0410 930 804  if you would like to discuss the possibility of Michela speaking at your event or if you would like to arrange for Michela to come to your city, town or workplace for a workshop or experiential seminar.

1. Mindset is the Key to your Destiny

Mindset is often perceived as relating to one’s thinking. This presentation will forever change your perception of mindset by showing how your mindset has many layers that contribute to how you see and relate to your world as well as to the state of your wellbeing and potential for success.

Mindset as defined by Michela includes what she calls The Energy Body and The Energy Brain. And in this presentation you will learn about the brain states that contribute to your problems, those that offer you creative innovative solutions, and how to maximise the benefits of the optimal brain states.

The world is moving more rapidly than ever. It is essential to take time out on a daily basis to nourish and revitalise the energy of your brain and body, if you are to successfully navigate life challenges, demands and to realise your dreams. Michela will show you how.

Rather than being a source of pain and suffering your emotions when experienced with awareness can guide you positively along your best path, where your greatest opportunities await.

You are born with a level of potential and your mission is to realise that potential both personally and professionally.

Michela’s presentation explains how your mindset collects emotional baggage that interferes with your thinking and your choices. She will show you how you can transform your mindset from an emotional storehouse to an intuitive powerhouse. You will come away with a clear understanding of the relationship between your emotions and your destined potential and how to access more of your potential and vitality.

An inspiring, real and energising workshop presentation that reveals emotional self mastery is crucial to our intuitive wisdom, vitality, success and happiness in life and business.

2. Go Gorgeous Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

Go Gorgeous is a wonderful workshop and seminar program for women. It is an innovative and uplifting new approach to wellbeing, self care and work- life balance, happiness and the beauty of the true self. Go Gorgeous recognises that wellbeing, self awareness and happiness are all inter-linked and provides proven strategies and tools for improving and enhancing these areas. Please see the Go Gorgeous Tab for more details.

No preaching…

Gorgeous doesn’t preach the do’s and dont’s of life. What it does do is offer the tools for increasing awareness about the kind of choices that generate positive consequences and shows the powerful relationship between the mind, happiness and wellbeing. Going gorgeous is about finding the right balance to feel fulfilled, happy, vital and productive.

The mind can be an incredibly positive force in our lives or it can be very destructive generating stress, poor health, relationship conflict and unhappiness. The mind can lie. The body never does.

With Go Gorgeous, Michela shares the insights and knowledge of over 30 years experience as a practitioner, facilitator and teacher.  Information and skills that have helped thousands of women change their lives for the better and quickly! Her strategies work!

Let’s face it, successful women don’t do self care as well as we could…

Go Gorgeous is for women juggling the important aspects of their personal and professional lives. Successful women are often not good at self care. In fact Michela has found this is the one area of our life we can be hopeless at!  Michela has had the personal experience of living with this blind spot and seeing the consequences for women who have lived a pattern of self neglect.

Fundamentally the Very Fast Train of Perfection comes at a huge cost. Go Gorgeous is about painting a picture of a holistic life of excellence and balance and then learning how to live it.

Say Goodbye to Superwoman…

There is a mistaken perception amongst many successful women that self care reflects weakness and is boring and puritanical. Let alone impossible to do in a time poor life. And yet high functioners then wonder why with their great job, they don’t have the relationship they want in their life; or why they’re always tired, or feeling depressed or unhappy. Or finding that the great family, career or business isn’t enough or is too much.

What’s unique about Go Gorgeous is that it is an approach that recognises happiness is a personal thing. There is no one recipe or picture that suits everyone. It has to do with being true to your self. Gorgeous is about not ending up stressed out, frazzled and cynical. And to avoid this you need to know who the true you is. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

3. Angelic Workshops and Retreats

Michela Conducts small group retreat days to introduce you to the beauty and light of Angelic Healing in her ‘Healing with Angels’ one day retreats. Organise your girlfriends (6-8 maximum) to join Michela on a nurturing, uplifting angel experience with a delicious organic morning tea and lunch.

4. Mind Body Business Workshops and Retreats

Here are just a few of the comments made by participants of our Mind Body Business Workshop:

“Congratulations People.  That was, without a doubt, the most informative and entertaining presentation on related subjects that I have ever attended.  Thank you for opening my eyes to a lot more opportunities.”

“I found today’s course extremely relevant and very entertaining and engaging.  The presenters were warm, genuine, passionate and oozed positivity.  What a fantastic morning!!  Thank you”

“The workshop was light and casual, and unlike many other heavy and fake motivational seminars.”

“Informative, motivating, and comes just at the right time when there is a lot of stress and gloom around.”

“It gelled so well I didn’t feel like there were three speakers.  You were all a great powerhouse of knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and love.  Thank you Michela, Dave and Geoff.”

If you’d like to be a part of the Mind Body Business Experience too, then please visit our MBB website for more information about our inspiring and innovative workshops on creating a successful life and business www.mindbodybusiness.com.au

5. Creative Facilitating – Evolve to Solve…

The ‘Masterful Performance’ series is tailored to the specific needs of your business or organisation and provides a holistic, creative and strategic approach to harmony, leadership and performance. Workshops can include such topics as:

Ø      Communicating with Influence

Ø      Zen Leadership and Team Harmony

Ø      Energetic Debriefing and Energetic Self Defence

Ø      Creative Intelligence and Thinking

Ø      Go Gorgeous – Being Gorgeous in the Business World

Ø      True North Visioning and Team Alignment

Ø      Fulfilling Wellness & Work/Life Balance

Clearly understanding all contributors to a business issue and the related goals,  ensures that a solution is designed and implemented that holistically addresses the ‘root cause’ and provides lasting change.

At Creative Evolution there is no room for bottom-line thinking. Your business security lies in establishing a foundation for excellence: a platform for successful results evolving creatively into your vision. Evolve to Solve!

Creative Planning Days

Enhance your planning days, improve performance and nurture your team by incorporating an inspiring ‘Masterful Performance’ workshop module into your program.

Contact Michela F. D’Addario for further details on how Creative Evolution can support the evolution of your business or organisation.

6. Energetic Debriefing and Energetic Self Defence for Service Providers and Practitioners

Drawing on the principles of Martial Arts, Yoga, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Energy Healing, these illuminating workshops provide mental, emotional, movement and body-centred strategies and skills for effectively grounding and maintaining energetic boundaries and focus in your work…ensuring you stay vital, inspired, protected and in balance as you continue to make a difference to the lives of your clients. Michela has been teaching these principles in workshops since 1987.

Self Development is the Key to Fulfilling Success…

Life and business success depends on many factors. The key factor is personal development and self education. The underlying assumption of personal work is that, with greater self awareness, new information and appropriate support, a person can expand the boundaries of what is possible and realise much more of their potential.

All things being equal in business, it is the mindset of a successful person that enables the achievement of quantum leaps.

Our subconscious plays a massive part in our growth and progress. Understanding and clearing beliefs and patterns that do not serve us, can dissolve the obstacles of fear and self doubt, and allow us to embrace a personal and professional life that is more interesting, stimulating and productive.

Self awareness promotes success as it enables us to identify our true needs, align our goals with these needs and utilise techniques to ensure we stay on the path of positive change. With a focused mindset we eliminate distractions and generate powerful momentum to realise our goals.

Creative Learning allows us to grow, share different aspects of ourselves, discover new abilities, strengthen our confidence, enhance our relationships and keep the creative innovative flame alive in our life.

Some background on Michela…

Michela’s own personal healing and discovery journey resulted in her crossing paths with mentors and healers who inspired her to commit to her emotional, spiritual and creative evolution and to inspire and support others to do the same.

At the age of 22, Michela became one of the first women in Australia to teach the psychological and physical aspects of women’s self defence. The course was a success and Michela went on to teach thousands of women and girls in the art of physical, emotional and spiritual assertion and confidence.

Michela, an internationally certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and trainer; with a background in psychology, body therapies, martial arts and yoga, brings over 30 years experience in successfully assisting clients to achieve their goals.

Her expertise as a mindset specialist, therapist and facilitator, provides her with extensive knowledge of the healing and creative power of the subconscious and higher self, chi (life force) energy, the mind-body connection and spiritual leadership.

Michela now also teaches the healing modality she founded: Quantum Emotional Healing at The School of Quantum Healing.

Michela’s passion and heartfelt commitment to assisting women and men is evident in her coaching and teaching. More than 15,000 people have benefited from Michela’s coaching and workshops. As Michela says…’If you want a better life, change your mind!’