Subconscious Wellbeing = Success!


How could subconscious wellbeing contribute to business success?

Actually it has lots to do with how well business leaders and their teams drive the company. Our driving skills are largely determined by the state and wellness of our subconscious. Lets explore this fascinating aspect of ourselves further…

The subconscious has in the past gotten a bit of a bad rap. Dr Sigmund Freud saw the subconscious as a repressed and rather treacherous part of our mind that held all the experiences, emotions and thoughts that we didn’t want to consciously acknowledge or deal with.

Dr Carl Jung liberated us with the concept of the “collective unconscious”, believing that, as human beings, we all share a collective pool of wisdom and learnings on an unconscious level that we can utilise for life success.

Milton H. Erickson, world-renowned psychiatrist and clinical hypnotherapist, has commented that our subconscious is an internal warehouse of resources – a powerhouse  – that most people only explore with a pen light torch!

Ultimately our subconscious mind filters our external experiences and creates our internal map of reality and possibilities. Unconsciously we house our values, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and memories, known as filters, and these all influence the reality we create for ourselves.

Our subconscious is like a sponge soaking up life: the good, the bad and the eventful. At any given moment our sub conscious mind receives up to 2,000,000 bits of information. Yet we can only consciously process approximately 130 bits of information!

We say in the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that it isn’t so much what happens to you but how you assess and “frame” what has happened that counts. Instead of reinforcing a self-fulfilling prophecy and a negative reality, a quality assessment causes us to ‘frame’ the experience positively, by gleaning the learnings available and getting excited about overcoming the perceived obstacle. At every critical moment in business, relationships and life we have a choice as to which path we take: one that holds us back or one that takes us higher. The wellness of our subconscious will be the determining factor.

The quality and clarity of our subconscious filters determine how effective we are at positively framing life thereby resonating at a level that enables us to create and attract success.

A successful learning cycle…

unconscious incompetence (everyone knows you have the problem except you!)

conscious incompetence (the ‘ouch’ moment)

conscious competence (patience and trust as you align with the new pattern or belief)

unconscious competence (so what was that problem?)

The subconscious is intrinsically linked to learning, and learning is essential for success and growth. To progress we must identify and implement positive learnings from our business ‘mistakes’ or challenges.

The quality and clarity of our subconscious filters determine our effectiveness at positively framing life, thereby enabling us to attract and maintain success.

We know an un-serviced car will become increasingly unreliable and unenjoyable to drive. We recognise a car’s filters need regular clearing and changing. It’s the same with our subconscious filters. It is unreasonable to expect that life won’t clog up our filters over time. We all gather baggage. A successful person knows how to off load it easily, quickly and permanently. It is in our interests to take a pit stop and give ourselves an “mental and emotional service”, especially prior to planned business growth or change. There are many dynamic and evolutionary strategies and healing  tools available. The beauty of the subconscious is that when you find the right “entry point” and process, it re-aligns and heals very quickly.

Subconscious wellbeing closes the gap between where we are and where we want to be in our business life. At the base of our brain we have a “reticular activating system” (RAS), that determines what we zoom in on consciously and what gets stored in our subconscious.

Writing down goals activates the RAS and alerts our brain to look out for opportunities or information, that will enable us to transform what we want, into a reality. That’s a big reason why goal setting is so critical for progress and results.

Subconscious wellbeing ensures our goals are meaningful and successfully aligned with our conscious intentions, thereby creating the results we desire in the business world. Subconscious dreams become successful conscious business realities!

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