Individual Quantum Emotional Healing

I am genuine in claiming, that working with Michela has been one of the most profound opportunities I have been given – she is a truly enlightening facilitator/counsellor, who has inspirational skill and insight – moving me from feeling burdened and trapped, to feeling of increasing inner peace and personal freedom. This sense of freedom and increasing feeling of self-empowerement is and will continue to be a blessing and a gift always.’ PR

‘In the three sessions we have had so far, we have already addressed a cycle of depression where I’ve come to feel more in control of my emotional well being. I’m already looking forward to kissing my antidepressant medication goodbye. My personal relationships and professional confidence are improving by the day…I have already noticed a difference in how I handle interpersonal exchanges…It’s as though I’ve found a key to unlock my life. Michela’s genuine and caring support and expert knowledge of NLP is helping me to create a more peaceful, calm life for myself.’ JD

‘I cannot speak too highly of Michela’s professional and personal qualities. She has taken me on a journey of self-discovery and helped me to dialogue with my unconscious self to find learnings towards understanding and healing. She has done this with sensitivity and has always taken care to keep me safe. Her intuition, informed by her knowledge and training is remarkable…This has been a life-changing experience. I have always quested for self-knowledge through reading widely in philosophy and psychology, but Michela has taught me the value of working with a trained therapist. With her creative, energetic and thorough approach to dealing with my issues I have been able to acquire new skills and knowledge to apply to improving my life.’ AQ

‘Working with Michela has shown me the importance of sharing my anxieties. I was surprised at how quickly I was inclined to share certain things with Michela, to the point where it was evident how poorly I communicated with my partner. A formal yet non-threatening and supportive environment helped me to tackle some issues that I would have otherwise avoided or been reluctant to address at home.

Through our sessions I have discovered a desire to want to learn more about myself, not because of the curiosity of doing so per se, but as a result of Michela’s ability to guide me towards my own moments of self-discovery. I have no doubt that in many instances my questions could have been addressed in the form of straight-forward advice, but Michela has shown me that the appetite for learning is not in the teaching, but rather the prompting of self-education. My numerous “a-ha” moments have left me charged and eager to seek greater self-awareness.

I have learnt the power of my attitude to life and its varying situations through Michela’s careful guidance. Going forward, it is not advice that I will be seeking, rather the guidance to prompt my own considerations and reach conclusions and directions that I can be comfortable with.

In the 6 months since my first meeting with Michela, I have become a better husband, father and manager; essentially a better balanced and more relaxed person. With Michela’s help, I look forward to further developing and enhancing my approach to life’s challenges and its rewards, be it in relationships, work, leisure or general health and well-being.’ GG

‘I first presented myself to Michela as a full-time mother who was struggling with many aspects of my life. Each and every day was centred on looking after my family – my life so focused on them that one day I looked in the mirror and questioned who was this woman looking back at me. I was unhappy, lacking self confidence and completely unsure of my true identity/self and what direction my life was taking.

Meeting and subsequently working with Michela has since made a tremendous, positive impact on my personal development and overall life satisfaction. My immediate impression of Michela was of a warm and caring person, and a very capable professional in her field of expertise. It was nothing short of a revelation to finally find someone after so long that evoked a sense of security and confidence and whom I could trust in to discuss my personal problems without criticism, in a safe and supportive setting.

I can honestly say that at the completion of my first session, I emerged feeling a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I took away with me that day an instinctive ‘knowing’ that from this point on, there would be no more ‘stagnating’ – I would only be moving forward positively with my life and in the direction of my choice.

Throughout all my subsequent sessions with Michela, the sharing of her skills, knowledge and extensive experience in counselling and life coaching has empowered me to take charge of my life. Our sessions have equipped me with effective strategies and tools needed for me to realise successful outcomes for all my personal issues. I have found personally the action-oriented, approach employed during each session to address an issue – whereby we identify, discuss and implement strategies to manage/resolve each problem at hand, to be a very effective method.

This life changing journey has been and continues to be a very progressive experience for me. I have re-established the connection with my true self, regained my self confidence and I now feel I am really embracing life for all it has to offer. The regular positive feedback I receive from others, who have witnessed the beautiful changes in me and my life focus, is indeed uplifting and is also a constant reminder of how fortunate I feel to have found Michela.’ BG

‘I was in a job I didn’t like, felt that I didn’t have enough experience or ability to go for anything better and generally felt “stuck”. I worked with Michela for less than three months to increase my confidence, hoping to turn things around both professionally and emotionally. Wow, what a result! She was professional, supportive and caring and helped me see that I deserve everything I desire. She helped me achieve my goals. I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities and “I got the job”.’ BE

‘Michela has always created an emotionally safe environment for our sessions whilst still maintaining a flexible and challenging approach in order to continue my development. I have found the combination of modalities used, e.g. QEH, NLP techniques, self-care strategies and body centred therapies, particularly effective in finding root causes quickly. I have left every session with a better understanding of who I am and with the gift of new practical skills that support me. I am 36 years old and for the first time in my life know what my key values for happiness are. For the first time in my life I can see who I am and where I want to go, confident that I have access to resources that will support this journey. I feel empowered.’ JP

‘After many years of moving from one job to another only to find it wasn’t what I was looking for I decided that I was in need of assistance. I sought out Michela D’Addario for career advice… it has turned out to be so much more. By using a series of guided techniques including elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming I have been able to drastically change the way I feel about myself and my outlook on life. With my career direction now firmly established I am able to channel energy into other areas of my life – wellbeing & relationships – bringing clarity and balance into essential areas. With every step I now take I am walking in full awareness of my choices and the bearing they have in my life. Working with Michela is a true pleasure, one that I warmly encourage others to experience.’ BB