Relationship Coaching

Please read more about the Third Soul’ couple coaching program and the benefits of relationship coaching!

It is hard to find words to describe how the work I have done with Michela has changed my life. It was a process that I was a little unsure of initially as it was unlike anything I had ever done. But with the non-threatening environment Michela creates, and her warm and practical advice, I always felt safe and always knew I had made the right decision. Unlike other guidance I had sought previously, working with Michela not only helped me to identify what my limiting beliefs were but also guided me through healing them and gave me the practical day to day strategies to move towards my goals. Not only has it empowered me to be all that I am and but it has also empowered my husband to do the same through the individual work that he did. It has been incredible to watch and experience how our relationship has bloomed into more than I could have believed possible. If you get the opportunity this will be a life-changing experience for you and your partner, individually and together.


The guidance provided by Michela has been invaluable to improving my personal wellbeing, and the happiness and harmony of my relationship with my wife.  The time spent with Michela is hard to describe, suffice to say that she has a gift for taking people as they are and leading them to a greater and more fulfilling life experience.  The communication skills alone that Michela has taught me have helped me enormously in creating a truly beautiful partnership with my wife.  Without these invaluable skills I wonder where our relationship would be today.  Instead my understanding of myself, and my wife, increases daily such that I am so excited about our future together.  Thanks Michela.


I found Creative Evolution Consultancies surfing the net and my life changed from the first time I spoke to Michela by phone!  My husband and I have been struggling since the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) both financially and emotionally.  Since seeing Michela, we are now more connected than ever before (we’ve been together for 13 years) and we will continue to move onwards and upwards with our relationship using the tools she gave us.  Michela is absolutely AMAZING and totally priceless.  Words really can’t express how lucky I am to have found her. If you want to change your life……make an appointment to see Michela!!!


Michela D’Addario’s wonderful blend of wisdom, heart and intuitive nature, is what in my experience sets her well above other relationship counsellors. I found Michela to be a highly skilled, professional and caring therapist, with an amazing ability of helping me to quickly identify negative and disruptive, core beliefs, patterns and behaviours affecting my relationship with my partner…I felt empowered by her simple yet profound techniques that not only gave me a deeper understanding of our situation, but more importantly, TOOLS to create the Loving, supportive and intimate relationship that we know we deserve.  Many thanks Michela for the life changing time spent with you.  My relationship continues to reap the rewards.


When my husband and I married later in life, we’d both had some degree of previous relationship trauma or breakdown.  We also experienced some major life challenges early in the relationship and soon found it difficult to communicate with each other – despite communicating well with others.  We consulted with Michela for guidance and the process was exceptionally beneficial.

Through a series of joint sessions, we found a safe platform in which we could express our feelings to each other about a range of issues, without ending up in distressing arguments.  This allowed us to release the damage we had done to our relationship.  Throughout this process, we had individual sessions, from which we gained a clear perspective on our own negatively contributing behavioural patterns and their cause factors.  This readily afforded a level of acceptance and responsibility towards ourselves and each other.  It re-aligned our partnership to a more harmonious one of love, care and joy.

We sincerely thank Michela for her guidance, insight, patience and balanced higher perspective!  The session environment is comfortable, the format is safe and the process is a gentle, supportive means of achieving positive relationship changes.


Having reached the decision that our relationship was going to end, relationship coaching was not something that I embraced. That I attended and ultimately benefited from the experience demonstrates its power, as our relationship has since been restored and enhanced.

Aside from the obvious benefits of identifying and discussing our problems in a forum where judgmental reactions can be positively controlled, relationship coaching was able to reveal the reasons for certain afflicting behaviours, the need to understand and nurture each other’s core values, and the impacts of inadequate and ineffective communication. Importantly, it took place as a process of understanding ourselves personally, whereby the relationship was put aside and not made to be sacred.

We were quickly able to establish that we did in fact share core values, and in time it was evident that only a lack of communication had clouded our perceptions of each others needs. Once we were able to clearly recognize the barriers that miscommunication had formed between us, the underlying desire to be together was still as strong as ever.

Reaching this position of clarity required some one-on-one coaching with each of us. In my case, it prompted a deeper level of self-analysis and reflection. In the end, my situation became crystal clear, through a process that guided me to reach my own conclusions, in my own time.

Our relationship problems seem so simple now, but without having been through this process, I doubt whether I would have discovered the motivation to seek a greater awareness of my own self and the means by which to better nurture our relationship in the future. It has been life-changing to say the least.”


After coming to terms that our marriage was at breaking point, my husband and I made the decision to attend relationship coaching sessions with Michela. Living in a relationship with very few pleasures was emotionally draining on us both – we were at a loss as how to go about trying to find answers to remedy our situation.

Relationship coaching was our last resort to gain a solution to our personal situation and determine if we had a future together or do we go our own separate ways. After having only completed just a few coaching sessions with Michela, there were already significant improvements in our communication and interpersonal skills, and in the dynamics of our relationship.

Michela provided a calm, safe and secure environment for us to present our issues in an open and honest way, and encouraged us to express what we really wanted from our relationship without fear of criticism. A customised approach to identify both our individual and combined needs was taken – I found this to be an effective technique and necessary to progress forward. By defining our individual and relationship core values we were able to have a good view of ourselves and the true foundation of our relationship.

Exploring our individual behaviours and patterns and how they contributed to our relationship was also important, allowing us to focus on bringing our ‘best person’ to the relationship. Coaching has given us the support, structure, accountability and encouragement to successfully reach our mutual relationship goals.

In addition, the relationship ‘building’ strategies employed in the coaching have allowed us to move the relationship forward, to adjust in the relationship dynamics and allow for flexibility with each other’s behaviour – we are now aware of how to create an environment where great communication happens.

I believe now that my husband and I understand each other as individuals more so than we ever have – the benefits derived from learning to listen respectfully and with empathy to each other, and connecting/sharing our ‘real’ selves has been a powerful force in improving our relationship. In hindsight, I really believe that if we had embraced relationship coaching sooner rather than later, we would have never have reached such a crisis point.

Relationship coaching has empowered us as couple – we are now thriving in a loving, supportive and conscious relationship together, always fully aware and present. Our rediscovered passion and excitement for one another is exciting and has given my husband and me a greater happiness both inside and out.


My experience of working with Michela has been based on a sense of trust that continues to deepen. I think this has allowed me to gradually open to myself and others. I have the greatest respect for the way she works. She provides clear structure within which there is ample room for her vast creativity and easy flexibility. The coaching will go on providing me with insights and support for the rest of my life I imagine.

Michela’s intelligence and clarity takes me by surprise at times and has been a vital part of developing much deeper self knowledge and calm in my life. This has affected all my relationships but especially that with my husband of 20 years. I’m falling in love with him again; have more empathy for and patience with him; appreciate and admire him in a way which is quite new. I didn’t know life could be this good!